Our next public performance will be in front of 1000’s of football fans in one of the NFL’s greatest cities! It’s open to the public – even if you’re not going to the game – make the road trip!

This first year was special because we had no idea what we were in for. The Tundra Tailgate Zone is essentially a HUGE heated tent – with a massive bar, tons of big screens, food – and rabid football fans. The excitement started for us about a week before the show when our parking passes arrived. Pulling into town on game day is surreal – every neighborhood is transformed into a tailgate and you see people walking, driving, sitting in their yards decked out in green and gold.

We got to the stadium early and got sound checked. That’s when our handler, Tammi told us to grab our cameras and follow her. The next thing we knew, we were walking down the same hall that the Packers run down every game day – and standing on Lambeau Field. HUGE. AMAZING. The show itself rocked!

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