FINISH NOVEMBER STRONG: Two great shows in one week



As we prepare to head out of town for our annual date with Lambeau Field – and look forward to a couple of week’s worth of private events, a couple of sure-fire GREAT nights are waiting for us at the end of the month!

On Turkey Eve, we return to one of our favorite bars in Central Illinois, and the scene of a good many of our craziest nights – Kep’s in Washington has been very good to the Sammich over the years and coming back there is always like a return home. We’re sure half of Washington will be out to join us for “America’s Party Night” – we’ll be sure to bring along plenty of Budweiser goodies – and a handful of new tunes. Get there early and try the grub. It’s some of the best around!

Then, after a day of feasting and football – get ready for our annual Black Friday Bash  at Martini’s on Water in Peoria. Our love affair with Martini’s is no secret – it’s a favorite stop. And with the weather turning, a day of being cooped up with family and leftovers and holiday spirit kicking into high gear. In the spirit of the day, we ask you to wear black. We’ll try to remember to do the same. Doorbusters might even get a piece of Steve’s pizza!


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