OPERATION: Sammich Takes the Lake 2015!



One of our major goals for the Summer of 2015 is to get back to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend – and to take a ton of our friends with us. Our last trip there, 2 Summers ago was an absolute blast – equal parts work, relaxation and unforgettable fun. We spent some quality time with friends enjoying the Lake, eating great food, visiting tons of cool bars – and of course laying down the sweet Summer jams!

It simply has to happen again. 

We’re asking for your help. Here’s what we need you to do. We’ve pinpointed a few potential clubs where we KNOW we’d have a great time – live music venues on the Lake – and we’d like our friends and fans to reach out to these places via social media and let them know what kind of crew they expect to see if we can get Sammich on their Summer calendar.

Please take a few minutes and visit one (or all of these) Facebook Pages for the hottest clubs on the Lake – and make the message loud and clear: WE WANT SAMMICH! Be sure to share our Facebook address: Facebook.com/JammSammich

Bear Bottom Resort


Shady Gators

Backwater Jack’s

The Fish and Co.

Dog Days

Captain Ron’s

Jolly Rogers

Larry’s on the Lake

Franky and Louie’s

Our mission is clear – the reward will be carefree days in the sun, lounging on boats, sipping frozen yummies – nights of exciting jams with the Sammich, soaking in hot tubs watching the sun come up – then doing it all again!

Let’s get to work!

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