Looking Back: The Sammich Ten-Year Anniversary Bash

During a recent archaeological expedition (i.e. – cleaning up one of the various hard drives that house almost two decades worth of photos and video collected during this wild Sammich ride) we discovered a folder cryptically marked “Sam10”. Upon inspection, it was clear we had stumbled upon a piece of our history we weren’t even aware still existed. Several years ago, we realized we were about to hit our 10-year anniversary as a band and decided to celebrate by inviting back key players from the past of the band – including the original 5-piece lineup which included¬†Christopher Summers (keys), Matt Tomlianovich (bass) – along with Carrie Soderstrom and Cherry Whitaker on vocals (each taking their own soul diva moments at the mic). Both Doug Rendleman and Chris Booher were on hand to play drums – as well as former keyboardist Eric Anderson and bass wiz, Adam Erickson. Our bassist, Soup even pulled double duty, switching over to sax for a large portion of the night. The result was a crowd-pleasing jaunt through the different “eras” of the band – and a ticket so hot that people were wrapped around the outside of Crusen’s on War Drive waiting to get in. It was an eclectic night of music that ranged from funk instrumentals to 80’s hits – and tons of soul music. The crowd was on their feet and “in the moment” from the first tune to the last. The band genuinely enjoyed sharing the stage and re-visiting the old lineups and, especially, the great tunes – some of which had been retired since the band’s earliest days. Fans even got into the spirit of things with a “Top SammichHead” showdown, with the winner (a nutcase who had literally painted himself half red and half black) taking home an autographed Sammich guitar.


All in all – probably the most special night in the band’s lifespan (up to the point) and a great source of nostalgia thanks to these videos that survived. The videos were shot with a ceiling mounted hi-def video camera (which also respectfully captured the sound – thanks to an outstanding mix by Chad Cook and Squid) and a handheld hi-fef camera operated by Mark Davis. The result is intimate footage of Sammich and their fans and a snapshot of a very special night. Enjoy!

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