Wine in the Valley: JammSammich Long Ride With Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

Given the fleeting nature of live music venues, it’s refreshing when a location emerges that not only stays solid and consistent – but, improves over time – like fine wine. Such is the case with Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, Paul and Diane Hahn’s Summer oasis. Complete with a tasting room, deck seating, an amphitheater style hillside, ample dance floor and dazzling views – along with its own custom line of locally crafted wine, the Vineyard has become an essential Summer stop for the Sammich and other popular local bands for the last several years.


“It’s unique because it’s this place out in the middle of nowhere that regularly draws huge crowds every weekend for these parties. People bring picnics, blankets, kids – it’s like a mini-festival all Summer long, and it used to be an empty field,” – according to Brian Carroll, JammSammich frontman.

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard has also become one of the area’s busiest wedding venues. It’s not uncommon for the Hahn’s to host multiple weddings in one day – then a concert that evening. Staff stays busy – and clients are happy with the results.

What makes it such a destination for Sammich fans? A combination of all of the above. The family-friendly nature of the Vineyard concerts means tons of kids (most of whom are hearing live music for the first time). The hillside gives folks room to spread out under the stars and enjoy themselves with friends in a way no other venue in the area allows. Oh, and the wine! Let’s not forget the cornerstone of the Hahn’s business. Not content to sell the same offerings every year, Paul is always dreaming up new variations – and based on the reactions of those who sample his work, he’s mastered the craft.

What it all adds up to are AMAZING nights of Summer music for Sammich and our fans. Not even a little rain can stop the fun – the Vineyard sports a massive open-ended pavilion for bringing the outside inside when weather fails to cooperate.

JammSammich appears at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard 3 times during the 2015 season:

  • Saturday, June 13th Scott “Soup” Wignall’s Farewell Party
  • Saturday, July 18th
  • Saturday, September 5th

All shows run 7-10:45pm (rain or shine) Admission is $5 per person (Under 12 free) and reserved deck seating is available. For more details, contact the Vineyard: (309) 359-WINE

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