Ghouls, Ghosts…and BBQ? Sammich Christens Big Catz BBQ in Knoxville All Hollows Eve!

Big Catz

When our friends the Wordens told us they wanted to do some thing BIG to kick off the opening of their new destination BBQ joint in Knoxville, IL – we checked our calendar and saw that one of 2015’s “Perfect Storm” party nights was free. With Halloween falling on a Saturday – and word already spreading about Tom and Deb’s insanely good charred meats – we locked down our special appearance. Now, just need to locate some suitable costumes.

So, what do we mean when we say “destination BBQ”? Well, EVERY town has their bbq (some better than others) but, on a rare occasion, word spreads about a place – in the case of Big Catz, the reputation was built through passionate, relentless catering and a regular stint at the Knoxville Legion. We enjoyed their eats many times playing for the Knoxville High School Athletic Boosters – and always urged the Wordens to open a place. I’m sure after trying their outstanding smoked brisket and Deb’s secret-recipe beans others did too. And that’s how a place gets the “destination” label – it means folks will drive from all over the State to eat this food once word spreads. That’s good news for Big Catz – even better news for Knoxville. We’re just happy to be in the “Big Catz Circle of Trust”…the fringe benefits are gold, baby!

So, on Halloween Night, you can expect a few things:

  • Insane BBQ (a couple of weekends ago, Big Catz moved 100 racks in 3 days and 75 pounds of brisket)
  • Sammich in full costume – you too, hopefully. It’s been a while since we played in Knox – always great to come back and party with our pals! Will be sure to have some trick or treats with us…
  • A big crowd. Early buzz on this one is indicating wall-to-wall folks. Don’t be surprised if Tom throws an apron on you and asks you to take a shift on the smoker! Seriously, though. Get there early. Eat. Drink. Party.

Visit Big Catz BBQ on Facebook and get ready for the best Halloween ever!

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