Why, YES, We DO Play Weddings…


As a band, the question we PROBABLY answer the most is:

“Do you play for weddings?”

In short, “Yes. Lots of them.”

In the last 17 years, we’ve played for roughly 70 weddings. And it’s a side of the business we absolutely love. If you listen closely, our setlist is designed to make us a perfect fit for wedding receptions with tunes spanning multiple decades and genres – perfect for the wide variety of party people found at a reception. We’d be lying if we said we EVER played for a wedding reception that wasn’t anything short of a blast.

Professionalism. That’s the most important part of working with wedding clients – and something we take very seriously. You could be the best band in the world and ruin a reception with simple missteps of etiquette. To ensure that EVERY wedding client has a great experience, we like to meet and get to know the couple several weeks prior to the event. Over dinner or drinks, we discuss the vibe they’re going for, the music they’d like played, how they met, what to expect from their guests and all of the other personal touches they want for their party. It helps to lay out expectations and, by getting to know each other, emphasize that our clients are working with a trusted service provider – not just a vendor.

In theory, our goal at a wedding is pretty similar to everywhere else we play: get butts on the dance floor and keep them there and create an experience that they’ll remember and revisit for a long time. But, we take on lots of other jobs the day of a wedding – assisting photographers in getting the best moments for pictures, announcing the bridal party and setting the tone for the rest of the night and providing support for all of the fun activities clients have planned. Our work typically starts hours before the couple says I do and we’re usually the last to leave.

Tailoring an exciting wedding performance means bringing in top-notch production to ensure that everything looks and sounds great. From the attention-grabbing thump of the wedding party arrival – to ensuring that everyone can hear the toasts – until the last note of the last song – it’s important to be backed up by great equipment!

Why do we take weddings so seriously – and love playing for them so much? Simple. We feel like invited guests into a fun, important and very special day in the lives of the families we play for. We don’t take this lightly. Just like everyone involved, we want this day to be perfect. And satisfied clients lead to new clients.


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