Sammich: Outdoor Life

603122_533114306725148_820936187_nPlaying in a working Midwest band has two basic annual cycles: Indoor and Outdoor.

And truthfully – it’s like two completely different businesses.

Every year, around this time (Mid-April), the weather starts to turn (sometimes unseasonably so) and our minds themselves turn to the outdoor, dancing under the stars nights to come – through roughly the end of September. Don’t get us wrong. We love playing the bars and events of the chillier season. Getting to see our favorite bar folks in their natural habitat, the excitement of tightly-packed venues – the intimacy of the the occasional stage-crasher. But, Spring and Summer bring with them a kind of magic to Sammich Inc. that simply must be experienced. In the OLDE days (yes, olde, that’s how old they were), the outdoor season meant an escape from smokey confines. Now, as the band gets older, it means the opportunity to play for a wider fanbase – including those not old enough to – or not inclined to – frequent the bar scene. Shows give way to concerts – a fact not lost on the Sammich boys. And, though we are prompted to watch the weather forecast a lot more closely than we do the rest of the year, being able to stretch out outside typically means early start and end times, bigger crowds, the occasional corn dog and fun.

Between outdoor venues – like the Peoria Riverfront CEFCU Center Stage and the beautiful Mackinaw Valley Vineyard – to private events – to local festivals and events Like Taste of Peoria and the Louie Louie RiverJam, you will be hard pressed to find JammSammich behind closed doors for about the next 5 months. Here’s a handy calendar of upcoming events between now and September. Hang it on your fridge and add the dates to your calendar:

April 30 – Martini’s on Water (beer garden, weather permitting)

May 7 – Pekin Firefighters Charity Dance (Pekin Avanti’s Dome)

May 14 – 5th Quarter (Last night inside for the season!)

May 21 – St Jude Bartonville Block Party

May 27 – Louie Louie RiverJam

May 28 – Martini’s on Water

June 3 – Washington Good Neighbor Days Beer Tent

June 11 – Haynes on Main Annual Streetfest (Mackinaw)

June 18 – Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

July 2 – Martini’s on Water

July 3 – Glen Oak Park Fireworks

July 9 – Peoria Riverfront CEFCU Center Stage BEACH BASH

July 22 – 6th Annual Central Illinois BBQ Showdown

July 23 – Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

August 20 – Martini’s on Water

September 3 – Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

September 17 – Big Catz BBQ HALFWAY TO ST PAT’S DAY

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See you outside, SammichHeads!



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