13653318_10157336656905220_6814588168607775805_oJammSammich prepares to close out another Taste of Peoria on the CEFCU Center Stage, Wednesday, August 10th. Say what you will about one of Peoria’s longest running and most well-attended events: it’s always a little different – and always fun.

As a frequent guest of PACE, Sammich has played in no less than 4 different locations. In the early years, the streets of Downtown Peoria would be shut down and massive crowds would gather on Jefferson Street. Eventually, it was decided to move the festival to Peoria’s Riverfront to allow it to spread out – and last year, the band found itself sharing twin stages of continuous music in Festival Park – on account of flooding at the Landing.

For the uninitiated, the premise is simple – you buy “Taste Bucks” that can be redeemed for sample-sized servings of some of the area’s best restaurant fare. Ribs, sandwiches, desserts, pizza, wings – just about anything you can dream up can be found. Still looking for something to top the chocolate covered bacon we discovered a couple of years back…

Taste has also always been about music – party music. While other local fests boast eclectic lineups and varied genres, Taste has always seemed to be geared toward maximum fun – lots of pop, Top 40, rock and country bands and artists. This year, Sammich splits duties with Peoria favorites Brian Dennison, Coco Loc0 and Wolf and Gypsy – as well as newcomers to the fest like House Cat and Stone and Snow.

For the second year in a row – one member of the Sammich is out for the gig (last year, bass legend Dave Plunk sat in). This year, Mike Mercer is out for the night and uber-talented rocker, Michael Layne (Michael Layne Band) steps on lead – promising a slightly more rocking setlist than usual – and a few cool surprises.

Sammich takes the stage at 9pm at the Landing. Get there early and allow time to stand in line for the great eats.

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