Winery Season Ends With Record-Breaking Turnout


Some nights everything just comes together and makes for  perfect night…

September 3rd, Sammich took the stage for one final night this season on the lawn at one of the most beautiful venues in Central Illinois – if not the entire State. Getting a helping hand from Mother Nature in the form of unseasonably mild temperatures and, what seemed like, a never-ending stream of birthdays, engagements, bachelorettes and engagements, it was clear that the band and venue were in for a special night when the lawn virtually filled up before Sammich hit the stage.

What ensued was a non-stop dance party for the next 4 hours, the dance floor literally packed from the stage all the way back up the hillside.

A lot of factors have come together to make Mackinaw Valley Vineyard a favorite venue for Sammich fans. It’s vast with lots of room to stretch out. The “bring-your-own-eats” policy has inspired some truly special picnic experiences and…that wine. MVV has a flavor for every taste from sparkling and sweet to dry and complex – and they sell amazing quantities of it on nights like September 3rd. Most importantly is the natural beauty of the venue, from the view of the pond beyond the bandstand, the healthy grapevines – and the breathtaking skycap, unspoiled by city lights.

“From a playing standpoint, there’s no other place like it around. The crowd is RIGHT on top of the band, interacting, singing every word – and you look out and just can’t see the end of the crowd. Just people bouncing up and down, arms up – It’s just impossible to not have a blast,” says Brian Carroll regarding the view from behind the mic.

When all was said and done, new attendance records were set and an incredibly memorable night was in the books.

Watch for 3 Mackinaw Valley Vineyard dates for Summer of 2017 to be announced later this month.

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