Vote for Peoria’s Best!

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Woke up to good news – JammSammich has made it to the Final Three in voting for the “Best Performing Artist” category of Peoria Magazines Annual “Best of Peoria” Readers’ Choice Awards. It means a lot because the finalists were chosen by the public. It’s a been a while since we were nominated for an award – an though, it’s not why we love to play – it certainly makes us feel great! Voting runs through June and the winners will be announced in July. In an odd twist, we are squaring off in voting against,¬†The Corn Wolves¬†– the acoustic band featuring Sammich boys Brian Carroll and Bill Trulove. Healthy competition is a good thing, though, right? We’ll see how this turns out…

If you haven’t, please go drop us a vote today: CLICK HERE TO VOTE!