After 22 Years, Sammich Slows Down


Hey all…

We’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks now, but wanted to let you all on some plans we have for 2020. First, let’s just consider what a crazy long time 22 years is to do what we do…if you’d have asked any of us all those years ago (especially at some of those crazy 4am nights in downtown Peoria) if we thought we would still be playing in this band as we headed into (and beyond) our 50’s – we probably would have laughed at you. Now, here we are – with grown kids who weren’t even born yet when we were formulating our plot to bring funk and good times to Central Illinois.

It’s been a wild, eventful and always memorable 22 years – but, it is time to slow down.

While this doesn’t mean the end of JammSammich, it does mean that 2020 will mark a very abbreviated schedule for the band – with a focus on special events and audience-favorite venues. Our hopes are to scale back to about one show a month through the year (with the option of picking up a few cool gigs here and there if they tickle our fancy). Our hopes are that with this limited schedule, each show will be a special chance for us to hang out with friends and fans – and really build up the excitement for each time we appear in public and truly make those appearances “CAN’T MISS” events – for us AND our audiences. We also hope to spend more time learning fun new tunes – and maybe even getting some original music recorded. Each member of the band has plans for staying busy and playing music – we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed on what all the guys are doing with other projects.


To be quite honest – we all just felt like “it was time” to put the brakes on a little. It certainly wasn’t based on waning crowds, boredom or any kind of inner-band strife. We’re busier than ever, we truly love playing – and we’re more of a family than a band. Just thought it would be good for the soul to free up some weekends and say “yes” more to our families than we do to our clients. And we LOVE our clients!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any special events lined up for 2020 as our calendar will fill up fast!


Thank you to all of the venues, events and clients who have kept us constantly busy for 22 years – pretty much every weekend, to all of the fine musicians and sound and lighting production companies who have helped us keep the GrooveQuake rolling through the years – and especially to YOU…the fans who have stuck by us, supported us, entertained us and really made this journey amazing. There are no words to express how grateful we are for you – it has been a joy spending the weekends with you! Quite simply – we love your guts!

Sincerely – Mike, Doug, Brian, George, Bill and Steve – JAMMSAMMICH


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